Opposition is not safe in Bangladesh

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News life london desk : The Awami League government continues disappearance, extra judical killing and unlawful detention in Bangladesh. They are doing it irrespective of persons social status, gender and nationality. Especially they using excessive force towards BNP leaders, activists and supporters.

On 03 June 2019 we came to know that Mr Abubakar Siddique; A British Bangladeshi citizen has been detained by the Bangladeshi police while he was visiting Bangladesh. Mr Siddique is the active member of the international affairs team of BNP. Furthermore, he is related with number of human rights organisatons in the UK. We have tried to contact with is family but the family members are very much concern about him. Police are unwilling to share any information to the media regarding Mr Siddique’s arrests. Until, today Mr Siddique is in jail without any proper reason explaind by police or any government official. Is independent Bangladesh going to be a one party state?

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