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We need to understand our life & it’s natural political philosophy for non-sectarian universal humanitarian state & world for all of mankind based on divine values, humanity and democracy, for freedom of self & life, flow of truth & knowledge, ownership of wealth & world for everyone.

Understanding life means life is above everything & nothing is above life. Understanding life means entity of life that our soul & existence is only in the name of our holy creator of life based on his holy light & his holy shadow his beloved Rasul sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.

Understanding life means everyone is world citizen & world is for all. Understanding life is no life – no sight – no existence – no knowledge – no virtues – no right – no freedom – no welfare – no authority of life without light & blessings of kind creator his beloved holy Rasul sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.

Understanding life means discovering truth of life that life is dead without bonding with its kind creator & bonding with kind creator completely depends on bonding with his beloved bonding & love to his all of creation, his holy Rasul sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.

As a human being our basic identity is our human entity with human values & our basic needs are all of our human rights in every side of our life which needs favorable environment, which can exist only in a humanitarian state & in a humanitarian world, without a universal humanitarian state & world life & right can’t flourish but fall in danger by anti-life, anti-humanity environment.

By Humanity revolution we mean revival of human entity with its human values & uprising human rights based on sovereignty of life above everything, which can only be stood in a state & world of humanity based on universal human equality & rights beyond any discrimination, where state & world is for all of mankind, where humanity would not be discriminated- oppressed-deprived-divided or judged by any ethnicity above other than humanity, Where state & world would not be communal or sectarian by the name of any religion-nationalism-tribe-language-gender-race or any ethnicity but should must be only & only universal humanitarian.

We every human being love our self – our life – our safety – our freedom – our dignity – our every right – our properties – our country & planet – our faith & religions – our love, passion, emotion, respect – our various relations & inheritance – our human brothers & sisters – above all relation & bonding to our beloved great creator & his shadow envoy, to save & for the sake of these fundamental things of soul & vital matter of life, we believe that we need a favorable atmosphere to these things for all of mankind, for which state & world of universal right & peace for all is a must, which we believe that can be achieved by a peaceful revolution of humanity based on love & safety for all.

As a matter of existence of life with its entity & sovereignty – safety & rights – prosper & progress with peace, humanity revolution has its own philosophical base with humanitarian political direction & programme. Definition & philosophy of humanity revolution is based on philosophy of life which is opposite to materialistic definition of life. Humanity revolution has its political philosophy & system contrary to anti-humanity communal sectarian politics & system by divided mankind & broken world.

In the sense & sight of humanity politics political parties, state & world would never be sectarian or communal by the name of any religion or nationalism. In the eye of humanity the cause of war – murder – oppression – hunger – cruelties – atrocities – destruction – discrimination – tyranism is a result of anti-humanity sectarian communal politics & political system from which humanity needs liberation, these increasing intolerable crisis of humanity is a result of absence of universal humanitarian politics & political system, which can be achieved by a humanity revolution in spiritual & political sense of life & humanity.

We every conscious person observing with utmost sad & sorrow that situation of humanity in its spiritual & in real life is in danger, in every part of the world human life is in fear & is in serious danger, various sectarian terrorism in disguise of various religion & extremist nationalism become war against life & existence of humanity.

Somewhere state terrorism & oppression by various kinds of brutality & ceasing of rights made life & humanity buried. Besides hunger poverty, oppression become permanent artificial fate of large part of human in the world which should must be solved.

We believe that the saving life & rescue of humanity in both spiritual & political solution is only humanity revolution. The revival of divided destroyed human brotherhood and love for all with a world of right, safety & peace we mean humanity revolution.

Humanity revolution consists of three phases: human (insan- Life above everything) – humanity (insaniyat- Humanitarian sight, right, values & freedom) – authority of humanity (khelafat e insaniyat – Sovereignty of life & state & world of humanity).

Humanity revolution spiritually defines the truth of life as human entity that believing in sovereignty of life is believing in great holy creator of life. humanity revolution defines entity of life as life is above everything. Humanity revolution defines humanity as humanitarian sight, right, values & freedom. Humanity revolution defines Authority of humanity as sovereignty of life & state & world of humanity.

If we believe in human entity that life is above everything even state than materialistic entity & human entity is opposite to each other, as well as sectarian politics & humanitarian politics are opposite to each other. humanity revolution is against materialistic entity which destroys human entity & brotherhood & make human brothers enemy to each other. The principle & politics of humanity revolution is against sectarian politics going on in disguise of religion or tribe or nationalist extremism which make human brothers enemy to each other and make the system of state & world against life & humanity.

The root of Humanity revolution is enlightened human soul with human entity & values & virtues, structure of humanity revolution is state & world of life & humanity. Everything in humanity revolution is based on believing in life & humanity as admitting everyone’s right of life-freedom of life-safety of life-self ownership of life-collective ownership of state & world as a fundamental natural right given by the great holy creator of life & declared by his holy representative envoys sent by him to enlighten & save the mankind.

Humanity revolution is a vital need for life & humanity which means & we dream & want to work with all human brothers & sisters for such a world where- 1) Every person is owner of his life. Where life is above everything & nothing is above life, even border or state, state & everything in the world is for the welfare of each & everyone of mankind. 2) Every person will live with his freedom of soul & life with his faith & belief whatever it is truth or not truth to others. 3) The vital structure of humanity revolution is free flow of truth, knowledge & wealth which would never be blocked by any barrier or discriminatory system.

The faith & philosophy of humanity revolution is believing in truth of life that life is above everything & believing humanity is that the world is for all, that means the wealth is for all, this is the humanitarian economics. Therefore, humanity revolution means such a political system, economic management & structure of state & world that will ensure the free flow of wealth & distribution of wealth, where each & everyone of mankind will get his part of natural wealth & his authority of life & of the earth, which we everyone deserve naturally.

Humanity as a revolutionary political system is the very new philosophy & political science based on eternal natural science of life.Humanity revolution is the non-violent & peaceful divine natural revolution for liberation of mankind from anti-life & anti-humanity system & politics. Humanity revolution is the solution of all of crisis of life & humanity which can’t be solved by any other system of current politics.

Humanity revolution is a new world order of life & humanity to make the every life great & to make the earth a heavenly world of love & peace by freedom of life & solidarity of humanity, where no one is spared and helpless, but everyone is for all & all is for everyone by the state & the world structure of universal humanity .

World humanity revolution is not only a local party but a comprehensive revolutionary change
of existing system & establishing a fulfill new humanitarian vision & structure in every side of
life, religious values, politics, state, economics, humanity & world.

Humanity as a revolution of humanity is not only a matter of charity or donation to distresses but it’s a matter of establishing authority of life & humanitarian political system & making new world structure of
sovereignty of life & right.

(Founder of the “World sunni movement” & “World humanity revolution”)

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